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Invitation to Imagine is home to fun, endless hours of play, and BIG imaginations! 

Our imaginative sensory play kits will stimulate creativity and delight the imaginations of all ages.

A Dutch-grown brand, run by a Mom who is passionate about making learning fun.

Ready to Play

Sensory play kits for all BIG imaginations and interests.

Our sensory play kits are built around themes, seasons and concepts, and contain a varied selection of tactile materials, loose parts, rollers, shapers, things to squish, things to build, lots to look at, investigate and discover. Our play kits will stimulate creativity and delight imaginations.

We have ensured that whilst being super fun to play with, we have considered the appropriate milestones and considerations necessary for early years play and development.

Soft scented natural play dough

Our Dutch Dough is beautifully soft, scented, long-lasting, and made from natural ingredients. 

Each dough pot has a unique colour and scent. 

It is handmade with love

Enjoy our seasonal themes or everyday play colours year-round.

Bio Cutters

Made from PLA which is a plant-based plastic, just as strong as regular plastic and fully biodegradable!

These wonderful cutters are the perfect play dough cutter tool or kinetic/modeling sand stamps.

We have taken care to make a product that is fine enough to cut through play dough, but not sharp enough to hurt little fingers!

Its design also contains a little ridge along the top. This allows a child to securely pick it up out of the dough, as this can often be difficult.

These beautiful cutters are one of our own products and are a collaboration between our company and a social workplace that focuses on reintegrating people back into the job market.

Sensory Play Materials

We have created a range of materials to use as a base for all kinds of sensory, imaginative, and small-world play.

Children love to scoop, pour, sort, find treasures, build, imagine, and create their own realities or dream worlds.

Our sensory play materials are varied in themes and colours and can be used as a base for play and learning.

Use them to count, sort, match, create patterns and so much more…

Hip Hip Hooray!

Our play dough and play dough kits make the most wonderful gifts and party favours – or as we say here in The Netherlands TRAKTATIES…


We support Right To Play

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