9 years ago, on maternity leave, when my little girl Emma was still brand new, I started a website and blog called Emma Owl. Taking photos and writing about the things we were exploring was a way for me to share our magical time together! Brother Dylan soon arrived and the wonderful journey continued… During these years my love of early years education and the “power of play” grew.  

My background in the business world has also grown. I have enjoyed several marketing roles in international companies, and throughout the years have learned so much about business and about what it means to be a good company bringing responsible products onto the market.

As I bravely enter my 40’s I am convinced that I am a hybrid. Half businesswoman and half early years enthusiast/art teacher. Never knowing quite where to spend my time, I have decided to do both! Bringing my two passions together, Invitation to Imagine was born.

What a lockdown treat to be able to Ice Skate this year! This is my family standing on the ice!


As a parent watching or teaching art to children, as a businesswoman coaching a new generation of graduates, we are convinced now more than ever that children are under an unacceptable amount of pressure to achieve. They are seeking additional stimulus from the outside world and are genuinely losing the ability to play & imagine.

Invitation to Imagine is a home for all that!

Bringing together our own products with some carefully selected items from other wonderful creators and companies, we hope to fuel big imaginations and create an invitation for children to enjoy the process of playing.



All our packages are sent with love. Our play sets and creative sets are wrapped and ready to gift so you don’t need any additional packaging.

Our own products are packaged in eco-considerate packaging and we have taken great care to eliminate all single use plastic.

With each order we receive, we will donate €0,50 to Right to Play, an organisation who like us, believes in the power of play and its ability to change lives.

Come back often and visit us as we will be adding themes and limited editions each month! You are invited to join our email list where we will share new products and themes first!


Company Info:

Email: support@invitationtoimagine.com

Kvk: 81639651