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Included in our construction play dough kit:

3 pots of gorgeous Dutch Dough, 180g each:

  • Construction road grey, scented with anijs
  • Green gardens, scented with lemongrass
  • Peachy sand, scented with vanilla


  • The highlight of this kit – apart from the play dough that is, is the bio-plastic construction roller.
    • Made from plant-based plastic, this roller is biodegradable.
    • It forms the shapes of bricks into the play dough. On the top side, it has a traffic warning sign, and on the underside, it has a wrench – good for fixing things.
    • Made in The Netherlands
  • A wonderful little detailed construction vehicle bio stamper/cutter
    • This is made in The Netherlands and is perfect for imprinting into play dough. Construction vehicle may vary.
  • Two mini cutters, a construction truck, and a roller.


  • A little wooden digger. Made from FSC certified sustainable wood, this cute little digger has a moving arm and can scoop sand in the grading bucket. It is a perfect size for little hands!
  • Two wooden road signs, made from responsibly sourced wood.


There are also lots of little pieces to build and imagine with:

  • Wooden pieces
  • Two cones loose parts
  • Plastic shapes to create signs and prints into the play dough
  • 3 wheel cogs. These make fantastic impressions
  • A few glass stones
  • Woodchips – perfect for the digger to scoop away!



All play dough pots in this set contain 180g Dutch Dough, beautifully scented and non-toxic.

Dutch Dough is:

  • Soft and Squishy
  • Smells amazing, each colour has its own scent
  • Non-Toxic
  • Preservative-Free
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Lasts for 6 months if stored in an airtight container
  • Packaged in a recyclable, airtight, reusable PET pot


Ingredients: CONTAINS WHEAT, Flour, salt, cream of tartar, vegetable oil, food colouring, food aroma, or essential oil.

We can’t guarantee that there are no traces of nuts or other allergens in our products.

Our play dough is CE certified and independently lab tested.

It is taste safe, so if it ends up in little mouths, don’t worry, it is non-toxic. It is a toy and has a large salt content and is not meant for consumption.

3+ All our products are recommended for children 36 months and older and must be used under the direct supervision of an adult.

If play dough is not used it can form salt crystals on the surface. This is completely normal and disappears when you play with it. If your play dough is left out and dries out, add a little water or coconut oil to the dough.


The play plate in some of the photographs is not included in the play kit.