Kriebelbeestjes Sensory Kit


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Welcome to the world of bugs!

Playing with materials such as sensory rice and pearls allows your child to imagine and dream in the land of bugs and insects and spiders while learning about coordination, texture, concentration, cause and effect, whilst having fun enjoying a quiet playtime.

I have included so many things that allow your child to scoop and pour.


This set is made from two base materials;

  • 500g Sensory Rice
  • 400g Sensory Play Pearls – made from dried chickpeas and CE-marked non-toxic paint.


Scoopers and Pourers

  • A natural coconut bowl
  • A palm leaf dish
  • A Yellow Door Rustic Bowl, designed to fit comfortably in small hands, they are suitable for use with water, sand, and mud. Made from a stone composite.
  • A big bamboo spoon
  • A small bamboo spoon
  • A bamboo scooper
  • A translucent coloured tweezer,  is an ideal size for children to manipulate. Use for picking up sensory pearls, to improve finger and hand strength, develop coordination skills. Colour may vary.


Insects and Bugs

  • Three safari bugs. Safari toys are Non-toxic, BPA-free, and are life-like to the finest detail.
  • A bee and ladybug safari mini.
  • Six mini beast bug counters. These little creatures are wonderfully textured. They are a great way to explore texture and learn all about bugs.


Your bugs habitat

  • Stones and wood chips
  • 3 Rainbow pebbles from Tickit, colours may vary.
  • 5 natural wooden loose parts
  • Little woolen balls, can be used to create stony living spaces for beetles and scorpions!


We also have kriebelbeestjes in a play dough set, a modeling sand set, a big busy bag, a mini busy bag, and a play dough surprise pot!

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**Our play dough kits contain small parts and are not suitable for children under the age of 3 years.

Please note, the wooden bowl in some of the photos is not included in this set.