Magic Sand Desert


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This is the PERFECT way to play with a sandy desert!

Did you know that 20% of our earth is a desert, and while there is not much rain, there is a vast number of animals, but, plants and other species living perfectly happy in these extreme conditions.

This desert play kit focuses on a sandy desert, there are other kinds too. A large part of the Arctic & Antartica is a desert, covered in ice, it’s called a cold desert. There are deserts on beaches too.


The Magic Sand Desert includes:

A 750g pot of magic (Kinetic/modelling) sand.

  • We use Creall Modelling sand as it is:
    • Made in the NL
    • Contains no preservative
    • In a recycled, reusable storage pot
    • Does not dry out and is not sticky.


A cactus cutter.

This can be used to stamp cactus shapes into the sand, filled with sand – it has a nice high side or it can be used for play dough play later on.

  • The cactus is food safe and can be used to bake with once you are done playing.


A full set of desert Safari animals.

  • These wonderful figurines are realistic, BPA-free and non-toxic.
  • Safari pieces are absolutely wonderful to play with, the perfect size for little hands.


Three eco stones.

  • These loose parts are made from rice husks that get thrown away during rice production.


A coconut shell, or in this case, ant hill.

  • The perfect view point for animals to take watch!
  • It takes ants about a year to build 30cm onto their home. Some anthills can grow to 3m high!


A Let’s Investigate stone animal, selected as it lives in the desert too!

  • The type of animal may vary.
  • They are great to print into the play dough with and feel with your hands!
  • You can also use them to create wax crayon rubbings


Wood chips to create your animals own home and use for food, ants love eating wood!


A natural wooden sun stamp

  • In sandy deserts the sun shines all year round!
  • The perfect tool to use with the Sunshine Yellow ply dough.



We also sell a desert set with play dough, a different and fun way to learn about the desert! You can it by clicking here…


The play plate/wood slice in some of the photographs is not included in the play kit.