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This is a great play kit for children who like things that move!

We have included all the little pieces you need to fly, drive, sail, and train anywhere you want to go!

Our Dutch Dough play dough forms the sensory base of this kit and it can be used to create water, roads, railway lines, stop lights, signs and even the air!

There is also a beautifully crafted little natural wooden airport play plate. Our airport has a terminal plus six gates for the airplanes to park. It has a helipad and a runway.

You are invited to join us as we travel around the world!

Included in the transport play kit:

  • Grey rail and road Dutch Dough, scented with anijs
  • Blue sparkly water Dutch Dough, scented with peppermint
  • Orange road sign Dutch Dough, scented like oranges


  • An airport play plate. It measures 220mm x 130mm
  • 3 Safari boats, type of boat may vary. Non-toxic and BPA-free. These Safari boats are all individually handpainted and are incredibly realistic!
  • 13 transport pieces, including helicopters, busses, cars, airplanes, and trains
  • 2 wooden road signs. Made from FSC certified wood these little road signs will bring a little order.  Road signs vary per set.
  • 2 plastic cogs. These make the most wonderful railway lines!
  • A water-textured roller.
  • 5 flat wooden blocks. These create roads, pavements, walls, bricks, and any else you can imagine! They make great prints into the dough and can be used to push, flatten and stamp out play dough.
  • 6 plastic traffic light pieces
  • 6 wooden sign pieces to use at the airport or on the road.


All play dough pots in this set contain 180g Dutch Dough.

Dutch Dough is:

  • Soft and Squishy
  • Smells amazing, each colour has its own scent
  • Non-Toxic
  • Preservative-Free
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Lasts for 6 months if stored in an airtight container
  • Packaged in a recyclable, airtight, reusable PET pot
  • Handmade in a little dough factory in Amsterdam


All our packages are sent with love. Our play kits are beautifully packaged in eco friendly carton boxes.

Our own products are packaged in eco-considerate packaging and we have taken great care to eliminate all single-use plastic.

With each order we receive, we will donate €0,50 to Right to Play, an organisation who like us believes in the power of play and its ability to change lives.

**Our play dough kits contain small parts and are not suitable for children under the age of 3 years.