Wooden Minibeast Blocks


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Fantastic for generating discussions about characteristics, similarities, differences and habitats.

A robust set of chunky basswood ply picture blocks, colour printed on both sides with real images of minibeasts from around the world. Perfect for children to investigate bug behaviour, how and what they eat, what eats them, if they undergo metamorphosis and the habitats they live in.

The 20mm thick wooden blocks are smooth to touch and easy for young children to handle. They are free-standing and can be used in imaginative play, to develop descriptive language skills or for learning about the characteristics of a wide range of different creatures.

Having realistic images will enable younger children to make comparisons with real creepy crawlies they find on nature walks or read about in books, and encourage older children to visualise characters in story-telling and creative writing.

Includes colour identification guide in 8 languages

Supports the following areas of learning:

• Personal Development – collaborative play
• Physical Development – motor skills
• Communication & Language – descriptive language
• Communication & Language – reasoning
• Understanding the World – the world

Size of mantis block: 108 x 85 x 20mm.

33 pieces

Age: Suitable from 12 months.