Product & Allergy Information

All our products are recommended for children 36 months and older as they may contain small loose parts. Direct adult supervision is required.

Many of our products are made from natural wood which means that there are imperfections and characteristics in the wood which make each piece unique.

You can clean our wooden products with a clean damp cloth. Our wooden parts are not intended to be submerged in water or cleaned with chemicals.

Dutch Dough

Our Dutch Dough play dough is made in small batches. This means that at times there may be slight variations in color and design. 

Dutch dough is a toy and is not recommended for consumption. It has a high salt content which makes it bitter to taste. It is not toxic so if is is accidentally tasted or licked don’t worry, it’s safe.

Ingredients: Contains WHEAT

Flour, salt, cream of tartar, vegetable oil, food colouring, food aroma or essential oil.

We can’t guarantee that there are not any traces of nuts or other allergens in our products.

Care Instructions

Dutch Dough is a natural product and it contains no preservatives.

This is great as it guarantees NO NASTIES come into contact with your child’s skin!

  • It is a good idea to wash hands and wipe surfaces before playing.
  • If play dough is not used it can form salt crystals on the surface. This is completely normal and disappears when you play with it. 
  • If your play dough is left out and dries out, add a little coconut oil or water and knead it in
  • Store your dough a cool dry place in an airtight container.